fs-Kits for THG of Ti:S Lasers (~ 800nm)

fs-Kits for THG of Ti:S Lasers (~ 800nm)
fs-Kits for THG of Ti:S Lasers (~ 800nm) fs-Kits for THG of Ti:S Lasers (~ 800nm)

We offer fs-Kits for Type I third harmonic generation (THG) of ultrafast Ti:sapphire lasers.  Each THG kit consists of the following four crystals,

(1) A BBO crystal for Type I second harmonic generation (SHG),
(2) A calcite time delay compensator to be placed after the SHG crystal to optimize the temporal overlap of the pulses in the THG crystal,
(3) A dual waveplate to turn the orthogonal polarizations from the SHG crystal into parallel polarizations for Type I THG. The waveplate is ultrathin (~ 45 μm) single-plate, true zeroth order to maximize the bandwidth and to minimize the dispersion,
(4) A BBO crystal for Type I sum frequency mixing to generate the THG.

The configuration of the crystals for THG is presented under the "Tech Info" tab.

The aperture of the crystals can be 5 to 15mm to be compatible with a specific laser.  Extensions with harmonic separators, waveplate/polarizer power adjuster, or opto-mechanics are available upon request.

The selection of the THG kit is highly dependent on the fundamental laser.  Please send us an inquiry with your laser parameters, i.e. the central wavelength, pulse energy, repetition rate, and the beam size if you need an assistance.

Type II THG kits are also available.  There is no need of a dual waveplate for Type II THG.  However, the efficiency of Type II THG is in general lower than that of Type I. 

Application References:

  Type I THG of ~ 35 fs pulses @ 800 nm
  THG and FHG of ~150 fs, ~mJ, kHz pulses @ 800 nm

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THG Configurations:

Type I THG (preceded by Type I SHG):

Type II THG (preceded by Type I SHG):








- An actual setup can include beam collimating/focusing optics (not drawn)

- The "dog-leg" configuration with two identical harmonic separators is recommended for better beam separation and manipulation.  

- Mirror mounts for a quick setting-up of the THG:

Thorlabs KS1RS: Kinematic Rotation Mount for 1" Optics
Thorlabs VM1: Compact Kinematic Mount with Vertical Drive, 1" Optics
Thorlabs RSP1: Rotation Mount for 1" Optics

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