SNLO (Select Non-Linear Optics ) is a Windows based program developed by Dr. Arlee Smith for selecting a nonlinear crystal and in modeling nonlinear frequency conversion processes in those crystals. Over fifty crystals are contained in the database. SNLO is free and may be downloaded from  Instruction for use of SNLO to select crystals is here.

Please do not hesitate to contact Newlight Photonics Inc. in crystal selection if you don't bother to explore SNLO. Our experienced engineers will be more than pleased in assisting you to make a decision.


Calculating Characteristics of Noncollinear Phase Matching in Uniaxial and Biaxial Crystals

Numerical method and FORTRAN program developed by Alan Migdall of NIST, allows calculations of both the collinear and noncollinear phase matching, and allows a very large set of nonlinear crystals and configurations to be studied. 
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Encyclopedia by RP Photonics

This comprehensive open-access encyclopedia explains the terms and principles of laser physics and technology,

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The Photonics Dictionary

This dictionary contains more than 5800 photonics related terms, along with acronyms, abbreviations and illustrations. Click here to continue ....

Laser Focus World


The best free magazine in the photonics world. Lots of excellent enlightening articles you want 

to read. Here are a few examples,

 "The Power in Crystals"  - A brief review of nonlinear optical materials
 "Twice as Good" - Introduction to second harmonic generation (SHG)
 "Higher and Higher" - Third harmonic generation for UV radiation (THG)
 "Wide and Smooth" - Optical parametric amplification (OPA)

Gaussian Beam: Focused Spot Size calculator

This program calculates the focused spot size (d) of a Gaussian beam using the formula d=4WF/(3.14D) where W is the wavelength, D the 1/e² diameter and F the focus length. The peak power density (I) of a focused laser can be estimated from the following formula, I ~ (pulse energy)/(pulse width)/(3.14*(0.5*d)^2). 

Index of Refraction Calculator It returns the refractive index at your input wavelength for most of the common substances, e.g. KTP, KDP,BBO,LiNbO3,YAG,YVO4,Calcite,fused silica ... This is a very comprehensive refractive index data base for crystals, glasses, metals, and gases. Sellmeier equations and the Brewster angles for these materials can be found here.  

Snell's Law Calculator

Total Internal Reflection / Critical Angle Calculator

Fresnel Equations Calculator

Energy Converter

This calculator allows you to freely convert between wavelength, wavenumber, frequency, electronic volts, etc.. Click hereto start to use ...

Optics Express

A free all-electronic journal publishing the original, peer-reviewed articles that report new developments of interest to the optics community in all fields of optical science and technology. Click here to continue ...

Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science

This monthly virtual journal contains articles pertaining to ultrafast phenomena. Click here to continue ...

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