405 nm Pumped SPDC Components

405 nm Pumped SPDC Components
405 nm Pumped SPDC Components

An optical-based quantum information processing system utilizes entangled photons to transmit, encode, and process enormous amount of data. Such entangle photons can be generated by spontaneous parametric down conversions (SPDC) in second-order nonlinear optical crystals. Many experiments based on SPDC (e.g. Grangier experiment, single-photon interference, and quantum eraser) are also used to demonstrate the fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics.


Modern Quantum Mechanics Experiments Based on 405 nm Pumped SPDC
Undergraduate Laboratories for Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics

Newlight Photonics has developed a series of optical components for generation, measurement, and manipulation of entangled photons from SPDC pumped by 405 nm, one of the most common pump wavelengths. The list of the components is below. The pdf version of the list can be downloaded from here

Similar components for a different pump wavelength can also be fabricated.  Pease visit the page for the general SPDC components or use the form at the bottom of this page to send us an inquiry.

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Coating Curves:

AR coating @ 405/810nm on BBO crystal

Review article on the photon experiments:

Enrique J. Galvez, "Resource Letter SPE-1: Single-Photon Experiments in the Undergraduate Laboratory,"
American Journal of Physics, Vol. 82, 1018-1028 (2014). 


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