Glan-Laser Polarizers

Glan-Laser Polarizers
Glan-Laser Polarizers Glan-Laser Polarizers

 Materials: Calcite, α-BBO, or YVO4 crystal.
  Air-spaced structure.
 Crystals cut at close to Brewster angle to minimize loss
 High extinction ratio (> 100,000:1) over a large range of wavelength. 
 Minimal beam displacement and angular deviation for
  the transmitted beam. 
 Mounted with escape windows for high power application.
Aperture up to 20 mm. Housing OD: 1" (25.4 mm), 30 mm, or 38.1 mm.

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Glan-Laser Polarizer Specifications:

Surface Quality:            20-10 scratch and dig
Wavefront Distortion:     <
 λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Dimensions Tolerance:    +/- 0.1 mm
Beam Deviation:            < 3 arc minutes
Black anodized aluminum
, OD 1", 30 mm, or 38.1 mm.


Standard Product parameters:

Part No. Material

Wavelength Range (nm)


Field (o)


 D (mm)
GLB0208 α-BBO 210-300 200,000:1


8 25.4
GLB0210 10 25.4
GLB0215 15 30.0
GLB0308 300-700 8 25.4
GLB0310 10 25.4
GLB0315 15 30.0
GLB0708 700-2500 8 25.4
GLB0710 10 25.4
GLB0715 15 30.0
GLC0308 Calcite 350-2300 100,000:1  >7.0 8 25.4
GLC0310 10 25.4
GLC0315 15 30.0
GLY0508 YVO4 900-4000 200,000:1 >6.0 8 25.4
GLY0510 10 25.4
GLY0515 15 30.0


a-BBO: Single layer MgF2 on input/output surfaces
Calcite/YVO4: Uncoated

Multilayer AR coating available upon request.

Typical Transmission Curves:

Calcite (350 - 2300 nm)


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