SF11 Windows/Rods

SF11 Windows/Rods
SF11 Windows/Rods SF11 Windows/Rods SF11 Windows/Rods

SF11 is dense flint glass with excellent chemical and physical properties. It has a good transmission in visible and near IR similar to BK7. But its higher index and dispersion makes it unique in fabrication of  lenses with minimized aberrations and prisms/windows/rods with large dispersions. In ultrafast optics, SF11 rods are commonly used as pulse stretchers due to its large dispersion.

Newlight Photonics offers circular/rectangular SF11 windows or rods with thickness from 0.15 mm to 150 mm. 

Various high quality HR, AR, and partial reflective coatings are available on SF11 faces.

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Basic Properties of SF11 and N-SF11 Glass:



N-SF11 (RoHS)
Transparency Range 410 - 2000 nm 410 - 2000 nm
Density  4.8 g/cm3 3.2 g/cm3
Thermo-Optic Coefficients (dn/dT) 6.6 x 10-6 /oC -2.1 x 10-6 /oC
Optical Homogeneity  Δn < 10-4 /cm  Δn < 10-4 /cm
Mohs Hardness  ~ 5.0 ~ 6.0
Abrasion Aa N/A 187
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 8.2 x 10-6 /K 9.4 x 10-6 /K
Thermal Conductivity  0.74 W/m/K 0.95 W/m/K

Sellmeier Equations
 (λ in μm):

n2=1+1.73848λ2/( λ2 - 0.013607 ) +0.31117λ2/(λ2-0.061596)+1.17491 λ2/(λ2-121.92271)   n2=1+1.73760λ2/( λ2 - 0.013189)+ 0.31375λ2/(λ2-0.062307)+1.89878 λ2 /(λ2-155.23629)
Wavelength (nm) Refractive Index
1550 1.7447 1.7434
1320 1.7486 1.7478
1064 1.7543 1.7539
800 1.7648 1.7646
632.8 1.7786 1.7786
532 1.7948 1.7948

Transmission curve:

Specifications of SF11 Windows:

Dimension Tolerance: Diameter:  ± 0.1 mm,
± 0.1 mm (T=<5mm), +0.5/-0.1 mm (T>5mm) 
Clear Aperture: > 85%
Surface Quality: 20/10 Scratch and Dig
Parallelism: < 1 arc min
Flatness: λ/6 @ 632.8 nm for T>=2mm
Transmission Wavefront Distortion: < λ/8 @ 632.8 nm for T=<25mm 
< λ/8 @ 632.8 nm per 25mm for T>25mm
Bevel: < 0.25 mm X 45°


N-SF11, the RoHS version of standard SF11 may be used for the windows without notice.  N-SF11 will always be used for EU customers in compliance with the RoHS regulations.  Please let us know if N-SF11 and SF11 have to be distinguished for your applications.


Various high quality HR, AR, Broadband AR (BBAR) and partial reflective (PR) coatings are also available upon request.

AR Coatings: R<0.2% at the central wavelength
HR Coatings: R>99.6% at the central wavelength
PR Coatings: R=3-95% at the specified wavelength
Broadband AR: R<1% over the specified range


Broadband coating centered @ 800 nm (BBAR@800 nm):

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