Pure YAG Windows

Pure YAG Windows
Pure YAG Windows Pure YAG Windows

YAG is the single crystal Y3Al5O12 (Ytterium Aluminum Garnet) and one of the hardest and most durable materials. Pure YAG crystal has a good transmission from UV to IR and high chemical resistance and thermal conductivity. The mechanical and chemical stability of YAG is comparable to sapphire crystal, but YAG is unique with no birefringence and available with higher optical homogeneity and surface quality.  Recently, YAG is commonly used for femtosecond white light (continuum) generation.

Application examples:

Continuum generation in YAG crystal pumped by ~ 800 nm
 Continuum generation in MIR ~ 4.5 um from YAG pumped by 3100 nm

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Basic Properties of YAG Crystal:

 Transparency Range: 250 - 4500 nm

material-sa.GIF (11133 bytes)

Transmission Curve

 Density:  4.5 g/cm3
 Crystal Symmetry: Cubic
 Lattice Constants: a=b=c=12.01 Å
 Therm-Optic Coefficients:
 dn/dT = 7.3 x 10-6 /oC
 Optical Homogeneity: Δn < 10-6 /cm
 Mohs Hardness:  8.5
 Thermal Conductivity: 14 W/m/K
 Thermal Expansion Coefficients:  α =  7.8 x 10-6/K

 Sellmeier Equations (λ in mm ) :
 n2=1+2.2820λ2/(λ2-0.01185)+3.27644 λ2/(λ2 -282.734)

Wavelength (nm) n
1400 1.8121
1000 1.8197
800 1.8245


Specifications of YAG Windows:

Orientation: [111] or as specified
Dimension Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
Clear Aperture: > 85% central area
Flatness: λ/8 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality: 20/10 Scratch/Dig
Parallelism: < 1 arc min
Perpendicularity: 3 arc min
Transmission Wavefront Distortion: <  λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
Bevel: < 0.25 mm X 45°


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