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Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystals
Quartz Crystals Quartz Crystals Quartz Crystals Quartz Crystals Quartz Crystals

Crystalline quartz is a positive uniaxial crystal with a moderate birefringence over the broad transparent range from 200 nm to 2300 nm. The excellent physical, chemical, and optical properties of crystalline quartz such as high transmittance in ultraviolet, visible and infrared, the resistance to moisture, high damage threshold, and resistance to scratch  make it the most favourable material for fabrication of birefringent filter plates, waveplates and many other birefringent components.

Most of the items on this page are A-cut (90°-cut) quartz plates/blocks for maximum birefringence. The thickness can be as thin as ~ 20 um (ultrathin) or larger than 1" (25.4 mm).  C-cut (with the optical axis normal to the entrance face) plates are also available upon request. 
For waveplates manufactured from quartz crystal, please visit  Waveplates.
For our BIR series of birefringent filter plates (Lyot filters), please visit Birefringent filter plates.

For polarization rotators based on the optical activity of quartz crystal, please visit Polarization Rotators.

Quartz crystal wedges/prisms/lenses are also available. Please check the "Tech Info" tab below.

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Basic Properties of Quartz Crystal (alpha-Quartz):

Transparency Range: 200 - 2300 nm

material-cq.GIF (10904 bytes)

Transmission Curve (uncoated)

Crystal Symmetry: Trigonal, P3121
Lattice Constants: a=b=4.9133 A, c=5.4053 A
Density:  2.65 g/cm3
Thermo-Optic Coefficients:
dno/dT= -5.2 x 10-6 /oC @ 530 nm
dne/dT= -6.3 x 10-6/oC  @ 530 nm
Damage Threshold (10 ns, 10 Hz)
~ 1 GW/cm2 at 1064 nm
~ 500 MW/cm2 at 532 nm
Optical Homogeneity: Δn < 10-6 /cm
Mohs Hardness:  7
Thermal Expansion Coefficients:   αa = 14 x 10-6 /K
  αc = 7.6 x 10-6 /K
Linear Absorption Coefficients: α < 0.01 cm-1 from 300 to 2300 nm

Sellmeier Equations: (λ in µm) :

 Wavelength (nm) no ne Birefringence
Walk-off Angle
 at 45°
1064 1.5341 1.5428 0.00872 -0.325°
800 1.5384 1.5473 0.00891 -0.331°
632.8 1.5427 1.5517 0.00906 -0.336°
532 1.5469 1.5561 0.00920 -0.340°
400 1.5577 1.5673 0.00957 -0.351°
355 1.5646 1.5744 0.00982 -0.358°
266 1.5916 1.6024 0.01077 -0.386°


Specifications of Quartz windows:


Aperture Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.1 mm (for T>1.0mm), ±0.05 mm (for T<1.0 mm)
Clear Aperture: 85%
Optical Axis Orientation: +/-5 arc min
Surface Quality: 20/10 Scratch/Dig
Perpendicularity: < 3 arc min.
Parallelism: < 1 arc min.
Flatness: < λ/8 @ 632.8 nm (for T>= 1.0mm)
Transmission Wavefront Distortion: < λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
Bevel: < 0.25 mm X 45°


a-cut ( 90 deg-cut ) Quartz crystal:


Quartz crystals with a wedge angle (α) can be custom fabricated with the specified orientation of the optical axis. A paired or such prisms with the optical axes orthogonal to each other can be used to continuously adjust the phaseshift or time delay between two orthogonally polarized pulses.  



Quartz windows or blocks are uncoated unless the coating is specified.

Input and output faces can be AR coated with R < 0.25% at the specified central wavelength. Please specify the coating and append to the part number, e.g. QAR5010-A-AR800 for the quartz plate with the AR coating @ 800 nm.

Common AR coatings: AR@266, 355, 400-410, 532, 800-820, 1064 nm, dual AR@800/400 nm, 1064/532 nm, and  broadband AR@400-700 nm (VIS), AR@500-1100 nm.


For customer convenience and protection of crystals,  crystals with T≤ 3.0mm are mounted in a 1" anodized aluminum holder. Thicker crystals can be mounted in a 1" holder upon request.

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