Thin/Ultrathin LBO Crystals

Thin/Ultrathin LBO Crystals
Thin/Ultrathin LBO Crystals Thin/Ultrathin LBO Crystals

LBO crystal is a useful nonlinear crystal for frequency conversions of ultrafast lasers. One of the main considerations for such an application is the pulse broadening induced by the group velocity (Vg) mismatch between the input pulses and the generated pulse due to the dispersion in the crystal. In order to avoid pulse broadening, the thickness of the crystal  should not exceed the maximum length (Lmax) as defined by the pulsewidth divided by the inversed group velocity mismatch (IGVM = ΔVg-1). The table below lists the Lmax for second harmonic generation (SHG) and sum frequency generation (SFG) of 10 fs pulses at the wavelength range of a Ti:Sapphire laser, one of the most common ultrafast lasers,                                           

Type I PM  on XY plane

700 nm

800 nm

SHG @ 
900 nm

SHG @ 
1064 nm

800 + 400 nm

IGVM (ps/cm)






Lmax@10 fs (µm)






A thickness of ~ 100 µm (0.1 mm) is apparently desired for most frequency conversion processes of 10 fs pulses.

Newlight Photonics offers on this page ultrathin/thin LBO crystals 100 µm (0.1 mm) - 3.0 mm thick developed for frequency conversions of short pulses. The typical apertures are 5x5 mm and 10x10 mm.

For thicker LBO crystals (T>3 mm) for longer pulses (ns, ps), please visit Thick LBO Crystals.

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Structural and Physical Properties:

Crystal Structure Orthorhombic, Space group Pna21, Point group mm2
Cell Parameters a=8.4473 Å, b=7.3788 Å, c=5.1395 Å, Z=2
Melting Point ~834 °C
Mohs Hardness 6
Density  2.47 g/cm3
Hygroscopic Susceptibility Low
Thermal Expansion Coefficients αx=10.8x10-5 /K,αy= -8.8x10-5 /K,αz=3.4x10-5 /K
Thermal Conductivity 3.5 W/M/K

Linear Optical Properties:

Transparency Range 160 - 2600 nm
Thermo-optic Coefficient
(1/°C, λ in µm)
dnx/dT = (-3.76λ+2.30) x 10-6
dny/dT = (6.01λ-19.40) x 10-6
dnz/dT = (1.50λ-9.70) x 10-6
Optical Homogeneity δn ~10-6 /cm
Bulk Absorption Coefficient < 100 ppm/cm at 1064 nm,  < 150 ppm/cm at 532 nm
Sellmeier  Equations
(λ in µm)
Refractive Indices:
              @ 1064 nm
              @ 532 nm
              @ 266 nm

nx = 1.5656, ny = 1.5905, nz=1.6055
nx = 1.5785, ny = 1.6065, nz=1.6212
nx = 1.5973, ny = 1.6286, nz=1.6444

Nonlinear Optical Properties:

SHG Phase Matchable Range 551 ~ 2600 nm  (Type I); 790-2150 nm (Type II)
NLO Coefficients d31=1.05 ± 0.09 pm/V
d32= -0.98 ± 0.09 pm/V
d33=0.05 ± 0.006 pm/V
Effective Nonlinearity Coefficients dooe=d32cosφ (in XY plane)
deeo=d31cos2θ+d32sin2θ (in XZ plane)
doeo=d31cosθ (in YZ plane)
deoe=d31cos2θ+d32sin2θ (in XZ plane)
Damage Threshold (Bulk)
@ 1064 nm
@ 532 nm

9 GW/cm2 (9 ns); 19 GW/cm2 (1.3 ns)
2.2 GW/cm2 (10 ns); 45 GW/cm2 (100 ps)
NCPM Temperature 148 oC for SHG @ 1064 nm,  
162 oC for SHG @ 1053 nm
172 oC for SHG @ 1047nm

Damage Threshold:

LBO has the highest bulk damage threshold among all known nonlinear optical crystals and is the crystal of choice for high power second and third harmonic generations of Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, and Nd:YVO4  lasers,

Comparison of bulk damage threshold (@1064 nm, 1.3 ns):

Crystal Energy Fluence (J/cm2) Power Density (GW/cm2)
KTP 6.0 4.6
KDP 10.9 8.4
BBO 12.9 9.9
LBO 24.6 18.9



Specifications of Thin LBO Components:

Wavefront distortion: less than λ/8 @ 633 nm
Clear aperture: > 90% central area
Flatness: λ/8 @ 633 nm
Scratch/Dig: 10/5 to MIL-O-13830A
Parallelism: better than 20 arc seconds
Angle tolerance:   Δθ <  +/-0.25o, Δφ < +/-0.25o



Thin LBO crystals are typically offered uncoated.

Anti-reflective coatings (AR-coatings): Multi-layer dielectric single-band, dual-band and broad-band AR coatings on LBO surfaces are available upon request.



For customer convenience and protection of thin crystals, all thin crystals are pre-mounted in a standard 1" (25.4 mm ) anodized aluminum (Al) holder.  Customer holders ( e.g. holders with openings to steer a probe beam past the edge of the crystal) are also available at a small cost.  The mounted crystals may be further mounted in a conventional  1" mirror mount to be angle tuned for phase matching (as shown to the right, mirror mounts and posts are not included).

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