15 - ICFO shipped to USA


1) Quotation is valid for 30 days.

2) To be delivered to Twinstar in USA as requested (Daneil Rivas, Email of July 10, 2017)

  TwinStar Optics, Coatings & Crystals
  6741 Commerce Ave 
  Port Richey, FL 34668-6815

  Tel: (727)847-2300
  Fax (727)847-2304
  Attn: Amanda Minier 

 * The order is deemed to be complete and accepted by ICFO upon receipt of the order by TwinStar.


3) Please include our quote Ref # and your tax exempt number (if applicable) in your purchase order.

4) Terms of payment are net 30 days for established accounts and subject to credit approval.

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