KBBF Crystals

KBBF Crystals
KBBF Crystals KBBF Crystals

KBBF (Potassium Fluoroboratoberyllate, KBe2BO3F2) is a new and unique nonlinear optical crystal which allows straightforward and efficient generation of deep-UV light. The fourth harmonic generation of Ti:sapphire laser from 200 nm to 179.4 nm (~ 6.2-6.9 eV) was first achieved in KBBF crystal through the directly doubling of the second harmonic. It is also the only crystal in which the direct SHG of the third harmonic of Nd:YAG laser is possible (i.e. sixth harmonic of Nd:YAG at 177 nm, ~ 7.0 eV).

Due to the plate-like growth habit of KBBF, only thin crystals grown along the c-axis of the crystal are available at present time making it impractical to cut the crystal at the phase matching angle for the frequency conversions to deep UV. A prism-coupled KBBF device (KBBF-PCD) has to be used to couple the incident light into the KBBF crystal.

We encourge customers to send us the detailed information about the intended applications with the input laser parameters and the desired deep-UV parameters. We will work with you for the most suitable solution with KBBF crystal.

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Basic Properties of KBBF:

Crystal Structure Trigonal, Point group 32
Cell Parameters a=4.427 Å , c=18.744 Å
Melting Point 1100 °C
Mohs Hardness N/A
Transparency Range 155 - 3600 nm
Sellmeier Equations
( λ in µm)
no2 = 1+1.169725λ2/(λ2-0.0062400)-0.009904λ2
ne2 = 1+0.956611λ2/(λ2-0.0061926)-0.027849λ2

Nonlinear Optical Properties:

NLO Coefficients d11 = 0.49 pm/V
Effective NLO Coefficients dooe =  d11 cosθ cos3φ
deoe = d11 cos2θ sin3φ
Damage Threshold

5 GW/cm2 (8 ns, 1064 nm)



Specifications of KBBF crystals:

Wavefront Distortion: less than λ/8  @ 633 nm
Dimension Tolerance:  (W+/-0.1 mm) x (H+/-0.1 mm) x (L+/-0.2 mm)
Clear Aperture: > 90% central area
Flatness: λ/6 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality:  Scratch/Dig 20/10 per MIL-O-13830A
Parallelism:     better than 20 arc seconds
Perpendicularity:      5 arc minutes
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