About Us

Newlight Photonics Inc. was established in 2003 and has since grown to become a leading supplier of nonlinear optical crystals and frequency conversion modules, laser crystals, polarizers, waveplates, birefringent materials, and many other precision optics and devices for scientific and industrial markets. Our highly dedicated sales and engineering teams are firmly committed to working with industrial customers for volume requirements as well as the research community for challenging customized applications.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers with high quality, innovative products and the best customer support in the industry so that each customer can feel confident and comfortable in using our products. That's exactly why many of our customers take us as their valuable and reliable partner in scientific research, product development and mass production.

Our Customers:
(only a part of the research and educational institutions are listed, industrial customers not disclosed due to NDA)

Harvard University Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania University of California, Berkeley
Yale University Cornell University
University of Minnesota Princeton University
New York University University of New Mexico
University of California, San Diego University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Louisiana State University University of Arizona
University of Nevada, Las Vegas  Vanderbilt University
University of Texas University of Colorado
University of Michigan Rutgers University
Muhleberg College Colgate College
West Virginia University Juniata College
Whitman College Northwestern University
Illinois State University Duke University
National Inst. Standards and Technology (NIST) Los Alamos National Labs.
Lawrence Livermore National Labs Sandia National Labs.
Brookhaven National Labs. University of Ottawa, Canada
University of Toronto, Canada University of Waterloo, Canada
National Research Council (NRC), Canada INRS-EMT, Quebec, Canada
University of Sherbrook, Canada University of Calgary, Canada
MPI,  the Structure and Dynamics of Matter Max-Born-Institute, Berlin
Heriot-Watt University University of Oxford
Australian Nationl University National Taiwan University
KAIST, Korea Universidad de Los Andes
University of KwaZulu-Natal Kyoto University
Waseda University National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan



Export Compliance:

Newlight Photonics is an Ontario, Canada based corporation. We comply with all laws and export regulations applicable to the products and services we offer.  It is our customers’ responsibility to ensure that they do not send us any technical data (prints, blueprints, specifications) that requires an export license before consulting with us.


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